A wedding film is often the last thing to consider while planning, but the most savored afterwards.

Josiah Farnsworth Cinematography Wedding Showreel 2019
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Wedding film engagement sessions

Wedding Film Engagement Sessions - Josiah Farnsworth Cinematography
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Questions and answers

What is a wedding film engagement session?

Exactly what you probably think it is! A wedding film engagement session is just like a photography engagement session but just for video.

Who is this for?

This is for engagements, anniversaries, or… ya know, just because! It's for our couples who want to share more of their story. Getting additional footage is great if you are planning on writing each other letters and or doing personal vows on your wedding day.

I'm a bit nervous/awkward

on camera. is that ok?

Most of us are not actors/models, if you are that's great and you'll  do  just fine, but for the rest of us mere mortals getting nervous around cameras is completely normal. That's why these sessions are great, they get you used to being on camera.

Can we meet your team?

This is what it's all about! Not only do you get comfortable  in front of the camera, you get to meet us and get comfortable around us as well. We are excited to meet you!

Can we pick the location?

Of course! We prefer to film a few hours before sunset because everyone looks amazing in that light. But we work with you on finding a location that's close to you and fits your style! Woods, city, home, carnival, beach...we're game for anything!

Are you bringing the


As long as we are not close to any airports and we have good weather...heck yeah!

Destination weddings



Destination Wedding and Elopements - Josiah Farnsworth Cinematography
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destination wedding in mountians
bride and groom couple

Want to tie the knot in an intimate way that’s unique to the both of you? Let’s freakin find the coolest mountain in all of God’s green earth and get you guys married in the coolest way! We love adventuring and traveling with our couples to find those amazing places you’ve been pinning and dreaming of seeing.

elopement Matt and Courtney Drone
Matt and Courtney Elopement
Matt and Courtney Wedding


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 "Not only did they go above and beyond to add special elements of the day, but they also tailor each and every film to cater to your signature story."


Very Kind Words

—  Chris & Jacqueline

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We focus on the little and big moments of your day to create the perfect film.  Every film is different because every couple is different.  We create a hand crafted wedding film that is distinctly yours.
We’re looking for couples that are just as adventurous, free spirited, and non-traditional as we are.  If you feel like you are a couple that has a similar style as we do, let’s chat!

Packages start at $4000