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Tyler and Brittany

Tyler and Brittany Wedding Highlight Film

Tyler and Brittany Wedding Highlight Film

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"You have my heart. I am yours. Even now before knowing who my wife is….I wait for you”


Tyler and Brittany wrote some of the sweetest personal vows we've ever heard. And they were especially meaningful since those words traveled around the world with Tyler while he was in the Army. Tyler’s brother Matt, and his now wife Liana, were one of our first weddings we ever filmed so we were especially excited to film this wedding with Tyler and Brittany. We could tell that they were really close with their friends and family as speech after speech was given, sounding off advice and excitement for their journey ahead. Brittany and Tyler were so great to work with! When the big day came, they relaxed…they prayed and then they partied hard... and we loved every moment of it! We love their story, and hope you do too!

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